I just wanted to put something in writing to thank you for your professionalism, commitment, integrity and support throughout my time in Court. The whole process has certainly been an ‘eye-opener’ but I am thankful that I can now begin to move on with my life. I feel as thought you have really gone above and beyond, and I have felt safe being represented by you. For me, the whole process was a huge deal and Court was not what I perceived it would be. I have never been in a situation where my liberty / criminal record would be affect / tarnished and that felt horrendous as it was completely out of my control. I am not sure if you fully understand the impact of your actions but now I feel as though I can start to ‘move forward’ and have ‘peace of mind’, for this I will always been grateful for the time and effort you put into my cases. Hopefully I will not see you again in a professional context. A big thank you!