Max started out as a paralegal in a South London firm, primarily attending crown court hearings to assist counsel and provide support to clients.

He quickly became a caseworker in his own right, dealing with cases from minor offences to the most serious and complex, such as murder and fraud.

Max was soon headhunted by a leading criminal law firm in central London where he qualified as a solicitor, duty solicitor and a higher court advocate, where he has dealt with a number of high profile cases.

Since founding Reeves & Co in 2008, Max has developed the firm into the success it is today, with six offices in Kent and South London, Reeves & Co provides cover throughout the whole of the UK. Despite running a busy law firm Max still represents clients himself, specialising in crown court advocacy.

Max was recently junior counsel in the high profile trial of R v Stimpson – case involving the murder of a girl by her boyfriend in the Chatham Dockside car park where he claimed diminished responsibility due to mental health.